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Comprehensive Transport Solutions for Large-Scale Projects with Agila Logistics

From energy to industry, from construction to mining, we offer project transport solutions that exceed standards, thanks to our expert and experienced team, reliable and strong partner network. We plan and perform the entire end-to-end transport process for you, from the preparation of the business plan to the development of resource management strategies. We offer expert solutions to your project transport needs that require expertise.

In addition to all these services, we provide foreign trade legislation support and provide local information to our customers, who are looking for a logistics business partner that offers expert, reliable and effective solutions in project transport that requires expertise and special vehicle permits, if they need it.

In our project transport solutions, which we approach as a solution partner by considering customer satisfaction, we consider the transportation time, product, departure and destination points of your shipment, we plan the most effective transport solution for you among road, air, maritime, rail or intermodal transport options, and if necessary, we carry out port operations and crane organizations.

Take a Look at the Advantages We Offer in Project Transport

  • 24-hour continuous tracking
  • Taking delivery time and mileage forecasts
  • Service above standards with effective and value-added solutions
  • Accurate planning and process management with expert and experienced staff