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Discover profitable transport methods with Agila Logistics’ environmentally friendly intermodal solutions!

Intermodal and Multimodal transport is the mode of transport using at least two different transport modes without changing the transport vehicle.

In our intermodal transport service, we reduce the transport costs of our customers by creating added value by providing fast, efficient and reliable door-to-door transport service by using various transport modes.

With our intermodal transport solutions, we realize on-time delivery, low-cost, efficient and environmentally friendly logistics. We also prevent carbon dioxide emissions.

With our intermodal transport services, we provide our customers with regular shipment, loading, unloading and fixed price advantages, as well as the opportunity to be less affected by adverse weather conditions. As a result of all these privileges, we offer easier control and follow-up compared to other transport systems.

Take a closer look at Agila Logistics’ intermodal transport full of advantages

  • Is sustainable, environmentally friendly and reliable.
  • Is the closest transportation model to the speed of road transport.
  • Minimizes the effects of traffic and adverse weather conditions.
  • Compared to road transport, CO2 emissions are much lower.
  • Provides fixed shipping time.
  • Offers a location that can be tracked 24/7.
  • Provides higher cargo capacity compared to road transport.
  • Allows realistic planning with fixed transition times.
  • Creates a competitive cost advantage.

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