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Agila Logistics

Our Values

  1. Innovation

At Agila Logistics, we continuously develop innovative solutions to lead changes in the sector and provide the best service to our customers. We closely follow technological innovations, optimize our processes with data analytics, and offer sustainable and customizable logistics solutions to increase customer satisfaction.


  1. Agility

At Agila Logistics, we adapt to ever-changing market conditions with an agile approach and offer fast, reliable, and flexible logistics solutions to our customers. By embracing technological innovation, data analytics, and sustainability principles, we continually enhance our logistics operations and maximize customer satisfaction.

  1. Ethical Behavior

We act responsibly toward our customers and stakeholders by adhering to principles of business ethics and transparency. We conduct our business with honesty, reliability, and social responsibility.

  1. Quality Centricity

At Agila Logistics, we prioritize customer satisfaction and high-quality standards in our business processes. Our quality-oriented approach aims to provide the highest level of service and uninterrupted solutions to our customers’ logistics needs, adding value with our quality-driven principles. With a robust quality control system, trained staff, and sustainable operations, we are dedicated to offering the best and highest quality solutions to your logistics needs.

  1. Speed

Speed and time management are critical elements at Agila Logistics, underpinning the logistics solutions we provide. We constantly strive to provide a competitive advantage to our customers by keeping up with the rapid changes in their business processes, and we constantly make efforts to accelerate our customers’ business processes and provide a competitive advantage. While speed is fundamental to our business model, we are committed to maximizing customer satisfaction through technology, flexibility, and prompt decision-making.

  1. Trust

At Agila Logistics, trust is a cornerstone value in our business operations. By fostering a trustworthy environment for our customers, supply chain partners, and employees, we underscore our commitment to providing solutions for your logistics needs. We continuously strive to earn and uphold your trust by maintaining transparency, honesty, and integrity in all our business dealings with customers and partners, ensuring reliable solutions for your logistics requirements.

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Harry Oliver,

CEO of Steeler Industrial


To create value and pioneer the sector by delivering uninterrupted, reliable, and innovative logistics solutions to our customers.


To lead in global logistics solutions, excel in customer satisfaction, and set standards in sustainability.

about us

To carry out a fast and comfortable logistics process by producing the most appropriate solutions in line with customer needs.


We offer the fastest logistics solutions by making prompt decisions...


Agila Logistics has been operating in the Customs Brokerage sector for over 20 years.


Founded by Murat Can GÖKTEPE, who has over 20 years of experience in the Customs Brokerage sector, and Ertan GÜMÜŞEL, who has over 35 years of experience in the Logistics sector.


Based in Türkiye and Germany, Agila Logistics provides logistics solutions to all industrialists and traders engaged in foreign trade activities through land, air, and sea transport.


With a rich history in the sector and an extensive communication network, we have developed a structure capable of delivering all types of commodities worldwide.

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